LAPD Seizes Assault-Style “Ghost Guns” from Convicted Felons NR18076ti

March 7, 2018

Venice: On March 7, 2018, Los Angeles Police Officers from Pacific Area’s, Crime Impact Team, along with Los Angeles County Probation Officers conducted a probation compliance check on two individuals who were on formal probation for prior gun and narcotics arrests. During the compliance check, officers discovered five AR-15 (style) assault rifles.

Inspection of these weapons determined that they had no manufacturer serial numbers. Such weapons are commonly referred to as “ghost guns.” This term is applied to these fully functional weapons because they have no serial numbers and are thus, unregistered. These weapons are homemade from existing parts which are purchased separately or crafted in a private workshop.

Further investigation at the residence determined that two of the assault weapons were loaded with 30 round capacity magazines; one fully loaded MAC 11 Machine Pistol with suppressor, and one loaded 9mm Smith and Wesson handgun. In addition to these weapons, 4000 rounds of miscellaneous ammunition were recovered. This ammunition included multiple calibers of 9mm, .22, .45, .223, and .556. Additionally, 100 rounds of slug shotgun ammunition were recovered. Approximately 45 high-capacity rifle magazines ranging from 30 to 50 round capacity, along with miscellaneous upper and lower receiver parts for manufacturing AR-15 style rifles were also seized. This weapons cache also included nun-chucks, machetes, and daggers.

The Suspects were arrested and booked at Pacific Area Jail for multiple weapons charges and probation violations.