LAPD Statement Regarding Upcoming Elections NR20271ne

October 27, 2020

The Department is committed to ensuring the safety of every Angeleno at the polls during this election. While we fully expect a peaceful election day, we are prepared to address any potential violence that may occur on November 3rd or the days following. The LAPD is communicating with our local and state emergency partners to coordinate our response and plan for any protests or groups that might become violent. The department has modified deployment to ensure a sufficient number of officers will be available to work evenings and into the weekend. The Department is working with the Registrar Recorder/ County Clerk’s Office to ensure people understand the rules of participating in an election and the ways they can vote.

In line with the Department’s core value, of Quality Through Continuous Improvement, officers are receiving ongoing training on crowd control and crowd management in preparation for any protest activities related to the election. Rest assured residents can feel safe as they head to their local polling places, and the department has sufficient resources to respond to any crisis or situations that arise. Senior Lead Officers and other staff from our community relations offices will be available to deal with public safety problems. Free elections and the peaceful transfer of power is the corner stone of our democracy, and the LAPD is committed to ensuring a safe election here in Los Angeles.