LAPD Task Force Makes Numerous Arrests for Prostitution Activities

March 13, 2009

Los Angeles: On March 6, 2009, a LAPD prostitution task force operation resulted in a sizable number of arrests for prostitution activity in the area of Lincoln Boulevard and Indiana Avenue.

The seven-hour operation started around 8:00 p.m.  Undercover female police officers posed as prostitutes on the street and then arrested violators who stopped and solicited them for sex. Undercover male officers also conducted an outcall operation from a hotel on Airport Boulevard by posing as “Johns” and utilizing the internet to contact prostitutes on websites where sexual services were being solicited.

The LAPD Pacific Division Vice Unit, in conjunction with personnel from Hollywood Vice, West Los Angeles Vice, the Detective Support and Vice Division, Jail Division and the Department’s Scientific Investigation Division comprised and conducted the task force. Prostitution task forces are conducted periodically in areas prone to prostitution and other vice-related activities.

The following people were arrested for 647 (b) PC-Prostitution and processed at the LAPD Pacific Division police station:

 City of Residence

 Ahmad Amir
Los Angeles

 Choeun Ngiam

Los Angeles

Gwendolyn Perkins

Los Angeles

 Florencio Vasquez


 Derege Negatu

Los Angeles

 Ashawna Lane

Los Angeles

 Lidia Silva

Los Angeles

 Pedro Ruiz

Los Angeles

 Kiera Jones


 Florencio Lopez

Los Angeles

 Yidan Zao

Monterey Park

 Kimber Waldrop


 Joseph Clark

Los Angeles

The arrest of the people above does not imply guilt nor does it guarantee prosecution for the charge.  All arrests are referred to the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office.  Questions may be directed to Officer-in-Charge Sergeant Mason at the Pacific Division Vice Unit, 310-482-6481.