LAPD Teaches Businesses How to Harden the Target Against Crime

May 19, 2000

Los Angeles – "Business Watch" stresses crime prevention education and businesses working together with the police to prevent crime. In the Business Watch program, business owners, managers and employees are taught valuable crime prevention techniques that help them reduce losses and criminal opportunity.

Business Watch also stresses communication between businesses and the Department, such as the exchange of telephone numbers to be used in the event of a crime or other emergency; and information regarding suspicious persons, potential shoplifters or any other criminal activity. Commander Kalish encourages Los Angeles businesses to "work closely with the Los Angeles Police Department to prevent and reduce business related crimes in our communities."

The LAPD wants every business in the community to know how to identify business related crimes and be able to take steps to protect themselves. The following tips are suggestions to Los Angeles businesses, to help protect them from becoming victims of business related crimes:

Some Business Security Tips:
Have at least two employees open and close the business.

Consider key control. Are office keys, master keys, safe keys and vehicle keys lying about: Do you know to whom your keys have been issued or entrusted? If management cannot answer these questions, your security risk factor is high.

Illuminate your entire property from dusk to dawn to eliminate dark areas that intruders and criminals prefer.
There are many more strategies outlined in the LAPD’s "Business Watch Circular." For more information, or to obtain copies of this and other Crime Prevention Circulars, contact Sergeant Mike Peterson, Community Relation Section, Community Liaison/Crime Prevention Unit at 213-485-3134.