LAPD To Conduct Outreach At Homeless Encampment

January 8, 2004

Los Angeles: As part of the ongoing efforts to provide outreach to the homeless prior to any enforcement action in response to violations of City Ordinance 41.18 (d) that prohibits sitting, lying or sleeping on any city street or sidewalk, LAPD officers will provide notice and service options to the homeless encampment on the 100 block of James M. Wood Street (James M. Wood Street and the 110 freeway). This type of outreach is part of the City’s commitment to working with the homeless prior to enforcement actions. Representatives of the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority will be at the encampment as well to offer shelter and other services.
There will be an enforcement action at this location on Saturday morning, January 10, 2004.
LAPD continues outreach efforts in advance of Saturday, January 10, 2004, enforcement action at the encampment.
DATE: January 9, 2004
TIME: 1:00 p.m.
LOCATION: 100 block, James M. Wood Street (at the 110 freeway)
This news release was prepared by Public Information Director Mary Grady, at 213-485-3205.