LAPD Topanga Division 10851 VC Award Ceremony NA10213bb

August 13, 2010

Award ceremony for 3 Topanga officers who are receiving the CHP 10851 VC award
Wednesday, August 18, 2010 11a.m.

Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Topanga Area Community Police Station
21501 Schoenborn Street
Canoga Park, Calif. 91605
Los Angeles City Councilmember, Dennis Zine, Council District 3
LAPD Deputy Chief Kirk Albanese, Commanding Officer, Operations Valley Bureau
LAPD Captain John Sherman, Topanga Area Commanding Officer
California Highway Patrol
Topanga Area Neighborhood Councils
Topanga Division Officers    
The 10851 VC award is given to officers who arrest at least 6 suspects in one year who are caught driving stolen vehicles.  10851 VC is the California Vehicle Code section that suspects are booked under when driving a stolen vehicle.  For one officer, this will be his 4th award in over 20 years of service, which shows it is not easy to obtain.

Stolen vehicles are one of the most reported crimes in the Topanga Area.  With the help of these officers, many suspects have been taken off the streets and a reduction in stolen vehicles was noted.  The 10851 VC award is an incentive for officers to produce and make a difference in the community they serve.
For additional information please contact Detective Thomas O’Sullivan at 818-756-3539.