LAPD Transit Services Division Statement on Upcoming Concert

August 4, 2023

Los Angeles: Although the recent homicide on the Metro Rail system was outside the City of Los Angeles area, the Los Angeles Police Department’s Transit Services Division want to assure the public that we are unwavering in our dedication to ensuring public safety.

During the highly anticipated concert, the safety and security of the transit system’s passengers will be our paramount concern, as it is every day. The significant influx of concert-goers expected to utilize public transportation to access event venues, Transit Services Division, in collaboration with Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro), has implemented several robust security measures.

Throughout the entirety of the concert, the public will see a notable increase in security and law enforcement presence on our transit system. These valuable resources will be strategically stationed to create a safe and secure environment for all commuters.

Rest assured, the Los Angeles Police Department’s Transit Services Division stands ready to uphold the highest standards of safety throughout the concert and beyond.