LAPD Trick Task Force Operation

June 23, 2007

Los Angeles: Los Angeles police officers arrested 14 persons on June 22, 2007, related to prostitution activities near Lankershim Boulevard and Neenach Street, in Sun Valley.

The operation began around 6:30 PM and ended at 11:30 PM. Undercover female police officers posed as prostitutes on the street and arrested violators who stopped and solicited them for sex. Officers also impounded the suspects’ cars, pursuant to City Ordinance 41.70 LAMC. In total, ten cars were seized. The City Attorney’s Office will determine what fines will be levied against the arrestees’ vehicles. In some cases, the cars may be permanently forfeited.

Operations-Valley Bureau vice units conduct periodic prostitution task forces in areas prone to chronic prostitution and other vice activities.

The following names of persons arrested in this operation are listed here as away to discourage future prostitution activities:


Guevara, Jesus 27 Panorama City 647 (b) PC-Prostitution
Gonzalez, Trinidad 47 Sun Valley 647 (b) PC-Prostitution
Rojas, Benito 33 Arleta 647 (b) PC-Prostitution
Sarkisyan, Levon 42 North Hollywood 647 (b) PC-Prostitution
Hernandez, Salvador32 Pacoima 647 (b) PC-Prostitution
Simoniyan, Ara 35 Glendale 647 (b) PC-Prostitution
Reyeszambrano, Diego23 Sun Valley 647 (b) PC-Prostitution
Read, Steven 56 Van Nuys 647 (b) PC-Prostitution
Lafarga, Ascencion 54 Northridge 647 (b) PC-Prostitution
Ramirez, Epifanio 42 Sun Valley 647 (b) PC-Prostitution
Hernandez, Anthony 33 La Puente 647 (b) PC-Prostitution
Aris, Jorge 44 Van Nuys 647 (b) PC-Prostitution
Cruz, Emmanuel 19 Panorama City 647 (b) PC-Prostitution
Vasques, Roberto 22 North Hollywood

Note: The arrest of any person does not imply guilt, nor does it guarantee prosecution for the charge. All arrests are referred to the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office.

Media questions on this release may be referred to Sergeant II Scott Fairchild, Officer in Charge, Foothill Area Vice at 818-834-3170.