LAPD Unveils Blog

May 12, 2006

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Police Department announced the addition of a BLOG to its popular web site, The blog became operational at midnight today.

"I invite the public to join us in an open, frank, polite dialogue," said Police Chief William Bratton. "I want people to know this is not the Chief’s blog, but the LAPD’s blog, but I will frequently contribute to the discussion too."

The blog will give real-time, unfiltered information directly to the public. The police department will be able to directly address rumors, differences of opinion, or misunderstandings that exist among the public, or that are voiced by the media. It will also give the Department a chance to promote the good work of the officers and civilian employees, whose efforts often go unrecognized.

Readers will be able to exchange their own ideas and opinions about LAPD.

The blog can be accessed directly at or through the Department’s web site at

The LAPD web site registers about one million hits each day, 30 million hits a month.

NOTE: As of 8:30 AM this morning, that blog was only accessible through the LAPD web site link. Technicians are saying they should have the direct address access fixed by the end of the day.