LAPD Volunteer Recovering After Bee-Swarm Attack NR23124bb

May 16, 2023

May 17, 2023 NR23124wm


The Los Angeles Police Department values our volunteers and their willingness to protect and serve. Our volunteers do have insurance through the City that will ensure our volunteers are not financially burdened should they be injured.


Encino: On May 15, 2023 around 5:00 p.m., a Los Angeles Police Department West Valley Division Volunteer and his partner were on patrol in the area of the 17100 block of West Adlon Road. The volunteers stopped to assist with traffic control at a Los Angeles Fire Department call for service involving a bee sting.

As the volunteer exited his vehicle and approached the residence, he was swarmed by bees.  He attempted to swat the bees away but was stung multiple times in the face and eyes, causing him to lose his footing and fall to the ground.  Paramedics transported our volunteer to a local hospital where he received treatment for multiple bee stings and a fractured eye socket.  He was admitted for further treatment and observation and is listed in stable condition.

Our volunteer is currently in the hospital recovering from his injuries and will be unavailable for media inquiries at this time.