LAPD’s Central Area to Activate 1-Adam-12 Patrol car

April 10, 2003

"LAPD’s Central Area to Activate 1-Adam-12 Patrol Car"
Los Angeles: In an effort to celebrate and advance the rich history of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and to recognize the efforts of many of our employees, Car 1 "Adam" 12 will be activated as a special unit at the discretion of the Central Area Police Station Commanding Officer. The 1 "Adam" 12 basic car will be deployed as an emergency response unit in Central Division. In recognition of the cinematic history that is associated with the 1 "Adam" 12 call sign, all radio calls assigned to this unit will be broadcasted over the air by Communications Division personnel.
1 "Adam" 12 was a popular television show produced in the late 1960’s. This television drama showcased the LAPD, dramatizing the day-to-day activities of Officers Reed and Malloy who were assigned to uniformed patrol in the LAPD’s Central Patrol Division. Their patrol unit designation was 1 "Adam" 12, hence the name of the show. In real life, there has never actually been a unit with that designation, even though that call sign is universally recognized as a significant part of the history of the LAPD.
Only a select group of officers will be assigned to work the 1 "Adam" 12 patrol unit. Personnel selected to work this unit must have demonstrated outstanding duty performance. The 1 "Adam" 12 Officer Recognition Program is meant to promote the proud traditions of the LAPD and to recognize those selected officers for their outstanding work.
This press release was prepared by Public Information Officer Renee’ Montoya, Media Relations Section, 213-485-3586.