LAPD’s Community Online Reporting Service Expanded NR24013cm/lr

January 11, 2024

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Police Department announced new report categories that can be filed though the Community Online Reporting Service (CORS) system.

In 2016, the Department launched the CORS system which allowed community members to file traffic collisions and a limited category of crime reports online. During the year of the launch, 1,300 reports were submitted through CORS. Since then, CORS has expanded to 22 types of reports that community members can file online.

On January 1, 2024, an addition to the CORS system took effect. Now, community members have the option to file Hate Incidents reports online. Once the report is submitted through the CORS system, an auto-reply e-mail will be sent to the Reporting Party advising them of their submission. The e-mail will include a CORS report Tracking/Incident number and a link to the Hate Incident Resource Pamphlet.

The CORS has allowed our community members to submit over 131,000 reports online in 2023.

To file a report or for a list of the types of reports that can be filed through CORS, please visit