LAPD’s Neighborhood Watch Program

August 10, 2001


Los Angeles: Neighborhood watch programs are the most effective means for keeping crime out of neighborhoods and it relies on the most reliable crime fighting tool ever invented…a good neighbor. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Neighborhood Watch Program unites the LAPD with numerous local organizations and residents in a community-wide effort to reduce residential crime. Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program enlisting the active participation of residents in cooperation with the LAPD, to reduce the incidence and fear of crime in their communities.
The following are a few facts about a Neighborhood Watch Program:

Neighborhood Watch is a partnership between neighbors to assist the Police Department in the reduction and fear of crime.

Neighborhood Watch does not require frequent meetings.

Neighborhood Watch does not ask anyone to take personal risks to prevent crime.

LAPD personnel will attend your meetings to answer questions about crime issues and provide information about police procedures.

An active Neighborhood Watch group can make changes through their local officials, such as improving street lighting, increasing police patrols and changing traffic flow patterns. The community has the primary responsibility for fighting crime. Commander Sharon Papa, LAPD spokesperson, states, "The most effective approach to fighting crime is a proactive one. Stop it before it occurs!" This can happen when neighbors in a community cooperate with each other to assist the Police Department by working with the Department, thereby creating a formidable crime fighting team.
Click on the link provided for additional information on how to create a Neighborhood Watch Program in your community, contact your local police station or, contact the Community Liaison/Crime Prevention Unit, at 213-485-3134.
This media advisory was prepared by Sergeant Michael Peterson, Community liaison/Crime prevention Unit, 213-485-3134.