LAPD’s Response to CTI Report on Merging Police Departments

March 24, 2005

Los Angeles: CTI Consulting of Maryland completed its study on the potential merger of the Los Angeles World Airport police department with the Los Angeles Police Department, and it issued its report today, March 24, 2005. Chief of Police William Bratton reviewed the report and issued the following statement:

"My initial review of the independent consultant’s report regarding the proposed merger of the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles World Airport Police Department has not changed my position as chief of police that a full and complete merger is in the best interest of public for the city, LAX, LAPD, and most importantly, for the more than 60 million passengers who pass through LAX every year. LAX remains the number one terrorist target on the west coast. Having one policing authority enhances the City’s ability to respond quickly to an incident and effectively coordinate and manage the problem. The LAPD is the only agency that has the resources to accomplish this vital mission."

This release was completed by Media Relations Section, LAPD.