Law Enforcement Community Conducts – Operation Enough

November 20, 2002

"Law Enforcement Community Conducts – Operation Enough"

Los Angeles: Both Mayor James Hahn and Chief of Police Bill Bratton, have been very vocal about their concern over the rise in violent crime throughout the City. Chief Bratton has on numerous occasions, expressed his commitment to utilizing the collective arm of law enforcement to address this issue. Today’s operation, titled "Operation Enough", is an example of this concerted effort on the part of the law enforcement community to making Los Angeles one of the safest "Big Cities" in the country.
The task force was conducted by Central Area in conjunction with the Department of Corrections, California Highway Patrol, U.S. Marshals Office and Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Studies have revealed that approximately 80% of crimes are committed by approximately 20% of the criminal population. In engaging in today’s task force, the Department utilized a proactive approach to monitor and prevent criminal activity by career criminals within our community. Among other things, the task force conducted compliance checks on a portion of the over two thousand estimated parolees living in the Skid Row area. The results of the task force are as follows:

Open Felony Charges 19
Felony Warrants 6
Open Misdemeanor Warrants 8
Misdemeanor Warrants 14
3056 P.C. Arrests (Violation of Parole) 57
Juvenile Warrant 1
Felony Vehicle Code Violation 1
Probation Violations 2
Traffic Citations Issued 100
Vehicle Impounds 6
DUI Arrest 1

The total number of physical arrests was 108. Of these 108 arrests, over 50% were directly related to parole violations.
This press release was prepared by Lieutenant Horace Frank, Media Relations Section, 213-485-3586.