Legacy Ladies” Luncheon Brings LAPD Women Together for a Unique Gathering and Afternoon of Storytelling NA19145jl

October 24, 2019

Media Availability

Thursday, October 24, 2019 12:00 p.m.

Los Angeles Police Museum
6045 York Boulevard
Los Angeles, Ca 90042

LAPD Commander Anne Clark, Detective Services Group
LAPD Commander Ruby Flores, Training Group
LAPD Captain Lillian Carranza, Commercial Crimes Division
LAPD Lieutenant Kelly Muniz, Office of Operations
LAPD Sergeant Jennifer Grasso, first female
SWAT Officer Roberta Reddick, retired African-American Sergeant who joined the LAPD in 1947, and is now 97-years-old
Peggy York, retired, first female Deputy Chief
Angela Kreig, retired, first female Air Support Division Pilot
Connie Dial, retired, first female
Area Captain Gail Carter, retired, Bunco-Forgery detective, joined the LAPD as a “Policewoman” Helen Kidder, retired, member of the first female homicide team Active and retired members of the LAPD

The Legacy Luncheon provides an opportunity for current members of the Los Angeles Police Department to meet with legendary ladies who made history and paved the way for women on the Department today. Notable attendees include LAPD’s first female Area Captain, the first female Deputy Chief, the first female SWAT Officer, and LAPD’s first female helicopter pilot.

For more information, or to coordinate interviews during the event with some of the Legacy Ladies of the LAPD, please contact Police Officer Sara Faden, Office of the Chief of Staff, at 213-841-2064.