Local Capture of Top-10 Gangster

March 8, 2007

Los Angeles: Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Police Chief William Bratton announced the capture of 43-year-old Kody Dejohn Scott, also known as "Monster Kody," who was listed as one of LAPD’s most wanted gang members. Scott is the third most-wanted gang member captured since the list was created February 8, 2007.

"Scott’s capture is significant for two reasons," said Chief Bratton. "First, he was arrested locally, by LAPD gang officers, unlike the other two captures that occurred outside the US, and second, his capture was the result of a public tip."

That tip was called into police yesterday afternoon, March 7, 2007, by concerned persons who knew Scott was in the area of 7600 block of Brighton Street in the Florence area. Uniformed and plain-clothes officers from the 77th Street and other South Bureau police stations converged on the home and waited for Scott to show.

"Scott has a reputation for running and fighting," said lead Detective Bill Mixer. "We went to great lengths to contain the area and safeguard the neighborhood, especially the school down the street."

After approximately 30 minutes, officers recognized Scott when he appeared on a bicycle, wearing a disguise of a skull cap with two braids attached to cover his distinctive shaved head. He made a half-hearted attempt to escape until he realized he was surrounded and gave up without a fight.

Scott was placed on the most-wanted list for a vicious robbery last December 12th, during which he broke into a man’s home and beat him so badly, the man needed facial re-constructive surgery. The motive for the crime was to steal the victim’s car.

At 43, Scott has been in and out of prison for 26 years of his life. He is still on parole for a 1990 robbery, but has never completed his sentence due to frequent parole violations. Scott is a self-proclaimed founder of the 83 (8-Trey) Gangster Crips, a notorious criminal street gang in South Los Angeles.