“Lock It, Hide It, Keep It” Campaign Continues NR12073ne

April 11, 2012

Lock It Hide It Keep It Crime Prevention Campaign

April 11, 2012
10:00 am  

Newton Area Police Station
3400 South Central
Los Angeles, Ca  90011

Captain Jorge Rodriguez, Commanding Officer Newton Area Community Relations LAPD Newton Area Senior Lead Officers will demonstrate the proper way to use the “Club”, they will also have on display license plate locking screws.  A demonstrate will be given on how to use a razor blade to cut the DMV tags so it will be difficult for the suspects to steal them.

The message is twofold.  To prevent our communities from becoming a victims of a property crime and taking a few extra minutes to, “Lock It Hide It Keep It.”  The LAPD would like to thank and acknowledge the community members for their continued support of the “Lock It, Hide It, Keep It” safety program.  

For further information contact Newton Area Community Relations Office at 323-846-3937.