“Lock It, Hide It, Keep It” Holiday Reminders and Third Row Seat Protection Tips

November 22, 2011

News Conference – LAPD Topanga Area

November 22, 2011
2 p.m.

Westfield Topanga Shopping Mall
Northwest corner of Owensmouth Avenue and Victory Boulevard  (Nordstrom parking lot)
Canoga Park, CA   91303

LAPD Commander Jorge Villegas, Commanding Officer, Operations-Valley Bureau
LAPD Commander Sharon Papa, Operations–Valley Bureau
LAPD Commander James Cansler, Operations-Valley Bureau
LAPD Captain Kris Pitcher, Devonshire Area
LAPD Captain Joe Hiltner, Foothill Area
LAPD Captain Todd Chamberlain, Mission Area
LAPD Captain Justin Eisenberg, North Hollywood Area
LAPD Captain Thomas Brascia, Topanga Area
LAPD Captain Ivan Minsal, Valley Traffic Division
LAPD Captain Paul Snell, Van Nuys Area
LAPD Captain Nick Zingo, West Valley Area
LAPD Lieutenant James Setzer, Operations-Valley Bureau
LAPD Sergeant Nate Banry, Operations-Valley Bureau

With the holidays rapidly approaching and the weekend following Thanksgiving being one of the busiest shopping times of the year, the LAPD wants to remind shoppers and community members alike to take a few simple steps to protect their valuables. Busy shoppers can sometimes forget to lock their car doors, or may leave packages and valuables in plain sight. These seemingly minor indiscretions can provide an easy target for thieves and may prove to be a costly mistake.

Additionally, owners of large American made sport utility vehicles are being warned of a spat of thefts of removable third row seats. Though the seats have become a lucrative target for thieves, it is possible to deter a theft by adding a simple lock.  A demonstration will be presented to exemplify the easy application of a lock to the third row seat.

The message remains the same, to prevent from becoming the victim of a property crime, take a little extra effort and a few extra minutes, “Lock It, Hide It, Keep It”

For further information contact Senior Lead Officer Janet Zumstein at818-756-3188 or the Topanga Community Relations Office at 818-756-3180.