Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck responds to District Attorney Filing Charges on an LAPD Officer NR13456AS

October 10, 2013

Los Angeles: On July 22, 2012, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers were involved in the arrest of Ms. Alesia Thomas in the 9000 block of South Broadway in Los Angeles.  The arrest involved a use of force.  Ms. Thomas later died in police custody.  LAPD detectives conducting the investigation observed the actions of a Los Angeles Police Officer documented on the Department’s Digital In-Car Video System and reported their findings to their commanding officer.  The Inspector General and the Board of Police Commissioners were also notified.

After an initial review, the LAPD removed the officers involved from the field pending the outcome of the internal investigation.  After an extensive investigation by LAPD’s Professional Standards Bureau, the officer is facing internal Departmental discipline.  That discipline is still pending at this time.

As in all cases involving in-custody deaths, the District Attorney’s Office was notified immediately and kept abreast of the investigation as it progressed.  LAPD detectives continued their investigation and presented their case to the District Attorney.  Today the District Attorney’s Office announced that they have filed charges on the officer.

“Our detectives worked closely with the District Attorney’s Office on preparing and filing this case,” said LAPD Chief Charlie Beck.  “The officer’s actions that day, as seen on the video, did not meet the expectations I have of our officers in the field.  As troubling as this case is, it demonstrates that our system of discovering misconduct is working, and that we will hold our officers accountable for their actions.  Every single day LAPD officers are asked to do extraordinary things for people while proudly wearing the LAPD badge.  I hope the community recognizes that the act of one officer cannot and should not be an overall reflection of this Department.”

For further information, please contact the Department’s Media Relations Section at 213-486-5910.