Los Angeles Police Commission Approves Vision Statement, Goals and Action Plan for 2003

April 8, 2003

"Los Angeles Police Commission Approves Vision Statement, Goals and Action Plan for 2003"

As part of its commitment to the residents of Los Angeles, the Police Commission outlined its vision of the Los Angeles Police Department

Los Angeles – Today, the Police Commission unveiled its vision for the Los Angeles Police Department in the coming year, and beyond. As the civilian head of the LAPD since mid-2001, the Board of Commissioners has heard from numerous members of the community. Many of those comments, concerns and questions have been incorporated into the Commission’s Vision Statement.
The following is an excerpt:

Under the leadership of the Police Commission, the Los Angeles Police Department will be recognized as the nation’s top law enforcement agency; a model organization based on integrity, transparency, respect, compassion, accountability, service, and public trust. We shall strive to ensure the personal safety of every citizen by aligning our decisions and resources with these goals.

The five primary goals are:

to reduce crime, fear and disorder;
to enhance community policing;
to improve recruitment and retention;
to achieve timely compliance with the Consent Decree; and,
to ensure responsive leadership focused on the acquisition and appropriate use of resources, thereby making Los Angeles the safest city in the nation, ensuring that personal safety is a reality for all.

"I feel that our goals here are critical to the future health of Los Angeles … primarily, to ensure that people feel safe in the City of Los Angeles," stated Police Commission President Rick Caruso. "Putting our vision in writing is way of committing ourselves to the people of Los Angeles. It is a way of saying, ‘We hear you, we understand you, and this is what we promise to do for you.’ As Police Commissioners, we have that responsibility to the Community, and in turn, the LAPD has that responsibility to us."
Emphasized over and over again throughout the newly-formulated goals is the importance of community policing. Utilizing Senior Lead Officers, Community Police Advisory Boards, and Neighborhood Advisory Councils as extremely valuable resources will be a priority. In addition, the Commission desires to attain a solid record of improving police responsiveness in serving diverse community interests including language, race, ethnicity, culture, gender, undocumented immigrant status, and other special need individuals such as the hearing impaired and mentally ill.
Also emphasized is the continued effort to combat gang activity. The action plan to fight gangs includes acknowledging gangs as the root of many crimes, battling gangs fearlessly and thoroughly, and rewarding proactive officers who diminish gang activity with diligence, integrity, and appropriate action.
The goals outlined in the Vision Statement will be tracked and reported on by the Commission to ensure accountability. These goals also serve as a guide to assist the Commissioners in the Chief’s performance review.
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