Los Angeles Police Commission Salutes Officer Appreciation Day

November 15, 2001

Los Angeles: Friday, November 16, 2001, is Officer Appreciation Day which has been designated by the community to show appreciation to the men and women in law enforcement in the Los Angeles area. Appreciation is shown in many different ways, from bringing food to police stations, to wearing or displaying blue ribbons, to offering a smile at an officer and letting them know their efforts are appreciated. The members of the Los Angeles Police Commission join the community in its salute to the officers of the Los Angeles Police Department.
Commission President Rick Caruso stated, "While Friday is set aside as a special day to recognize the work that police officers do, I appreciate their efforts every day. Especially now, I feel a great sense of gratitude to the men and women who put their own safety aside to protect the lives of others. There is also an extensive support system of civilian employees who enable the officers to do the courageous work they do. They are all real heroes."
Officer Appreciation Day is acknowledged differently by the community at each one of the Los Angeles Police Department’s 18 stations.