Los Angeles Police Commission Sends Letter to Council Asking for Fiscal Assistance for LAPD

August 13, 2004

"Los Angeles Police Commission Sends Letter to Council
Asking for Fiscal Assistance for LAPD"

To avoid potential increasing liability exposure, the members of the Police Commission request funding for promotions and backfill positions

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Police Department is currently under the mandates of a Federal Consent Decree which requires increased supervision and management throughout the ranks. At the same time, the LAPD is experiencing budgetary restraints as all City of Los Angeles departments are, and promotions are very limited, if granted at all. While the members of the Police Commission clearly recognize and appreciate the Citywide budget shortfall, the Commissioners are asking City Council for consideration in appropriating $12,383,204, which would provide for severely-needed promotions and backfill positions. Merit salary step increases represent a portion of the request, $5,479,839. This amount has already been appropriated, however it resulted in the Department beginning the fiscal year with a deficit. Approval of this request would balance the LAPD budget and provide the needed supervision.
Police Commission President David S. Cunningham, III, stated, "We completely understand the City’s budget shortfall, but we must ask for this appropriation. By allowing the LAPD to continue without appropriate supervision at the rank and file level, we are facing increased liability. In the long run, our request is far less costly to the City of Los Angeles than potential litigation stemming from lack of supervision."
A portion of the request, $576,820, is dedicated to promotions and pay grade advancements necessary to staff the new North Valley Division, which is tentatively scheduled to open in December, 2004. If this appropriation is not granted, the opening of the new Division will further strain limited resources throughout the entire LAPD.

Attachment: Letter to Los Angeles City Council