Los Angeles Police Department Enhances SLO Program

March 13, 2001

Los Angeles – In an effort to achieve the goal of institutionalizing community-based policing/government, and making it a priority of all Department employees, the Department, in 1999, moved all 168 Senior Lead Officers (SLOs) from primarily administrative duties to full time field duties.
On October 5, 2000, Los Angeles City Mayor Richard Riordan held a press conference recommending changes to the Department’s current deployment of its SLOs. This recommendation was, subsequently, approved by the Board of Police Commissioners. As a result of the recommended changes, the Department moved forward in an attempt to respond to concerns expressed by members of the community, while at the same time, accomplish the intended goal.
As a result of these exhaustive discussions with the LAPPL, the Department is pleased to announce that significant enhancements have been made to the SLO program. These enhancements to the current SLO program include:

The requirement that all SLOs attend roll call training. This strengthens the Department’s efforts in reconnecting SLOs with their basic cars to ensure internal coordination of the car’s operations, and concurrently, foster the position that SLOs are their Basic Car’s primary external link to the communities we serve;

The requirement that SLOs be able to work field duties based on approved work plans. This will assist in the Department’s objective to provide a more visible uniform presence in the field;

The requirement that SLOs continue to satisfy two of their primary missions of training less-tenured officers, while continuing with their prior outstanding liaison and mobilization of the community.

It is opined that the aforementioned enhancements will allow the Department to continue with its efforts to create the type of environment that allows all members of the Department to partnership with and embrace the community policing philosophy, as we move forward toward the additional goal of community-based government.
Chief Bernard Parks reiterated his previous commitment, stating, "The number one priority of the Los Angeles Police Department is to provide the highest level of service to the people of the Los Angeles community. The driving philosophy to providing this service is community-based policing/government, which includes territorial imperative, partnerships, problem-solving and total institutionalization. To that end, I will ensure full cooperation by every member of this Department to engage in efforts to accomplish our commitment to the Los Angeles community."
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