Los Angeles Police Department Mourns the Death of a Respected Detective NR16317lp

October 12, 2016

Los Angeles: We are heartbroken about the tragic death of Detective Nadine Hernandez, a 19-year veteran of the department. It is a loss that touches us all in the LAPD family.

Detective Hernandez was among several detectives working on the Derrick Rose case at the time of her death. At this point there is no indication that her case work had any connection to her death. The Rose investigation will continue unimpeded.

The Whittier Police Department held a news conference regarding the death of Detective Hernandez and have stated that their investigation is being handled as a suicide.

Out of respect to her family, friends, and colleagues, who are now learning of this terrible tragedy, we will not be releasing any new information and we will continue to defer to the Whittier police department.