Los Angeles Police Department Statement on Post Super Bowl Disturbances in Downtown Los Angeles NR22040dm

February 14, 2022


The photos contained in this press release were taken by a Los Angeles Times journalist who posted them to social media where they are viewable by the public and permission and consent were not sought.

Los Angeles: After Super Bowl LVI, a crowd of approximately 200-300 fans gathered in the street at West 11th Street and South Figueroa Street. The crowd was celebrating the Los Angeles Rams victory and were peaceful.

As time went on, fireworks were lit off. At one point, a black Dodge Charger entered the intersection and exhibited speed by doing “donuts” in the street. The vehicle was stopped, and the driver was detained. The driver, 22-year-old Gregory Hunter, was ultimately arrested for 24500 PC – Illegal Possession of a Firearm, and his vehicle was impounded (see booking #6324810).

As the crowd at West 11th Street and South Figueroa Street dispersed, another crowd formed at West 11th Street and South Hope Street. This crowd took over the streets and became violent and boisterous. An MTA bus entered the intersection of East 12th and South Grand Avenue. The crowd surrounded the bus with passengers, vandalized it with spray paint, jumped on the roof, and somehow disabled the bus. Fortunately, no one was injured.

LAPD officers responded to the location and began efforts to disperse the crowd with no affect. After numerous dispersal orders were given, officers had projectiles thrown at them so they moved the crowd utilizing less lethal methods. A total of four rounds were fired from 37mm less lethal devices and five rounds were fired separately from 40mm less lethal launchers.

Sixty individuals were detained during the crowd movement. Those individuals were released once they agreed to leave the area. On February 14, 2022, around 12:30 a.m., the crowd dispersed and no arrests were made.

All in all, three MTA buses and 19 locations were vandalized. A business in the 600 block of South Broadway Avenue was burglarized.

LAPD Chief Michel Moore stated, “While the vast majority of fans celebrated the Rams victory peacefully, there were some individuals downtown who vandalized vehicles and businesses and had to be dispersed. Follow up investigations will continue in an effort to identify those responsible for the damage and burglary.”