Los Angeles Police Department Supports the Role of SLOs in its Community Police Efforts

October 5, 2000

Los Angeles – On October 5, 2000, Los Angeles City Mayor Richard Riordan held a press conference recommending changes to the Department’s current deployment of its 168 Senior Lead Officers (SLOs).

Over one year ago, the Department moved all 168 SLOs from primarily administrative duties to full time field duty. This was done to achieve five objectives:

Provide a more visible uniform presence in the field;
Reconnect the SLOs with their basic cars to ensure internal coordination of the cars’ operations;
Reconnect SLOs with one of their primary missions of training less tenured officers;
Continue their prior outstanding liaison and mobilization of the community;
Create an environment that allows all members of the Department to partnership with and embrace the community.

These objectives were of significant importance to the Department to achieve its overall goal of institutionalizing community-based policing/government. After significant efforts, there has been many achievements towards these five objectives. The Los Angeles Police Department will always maintain its commitment to safeguarding the lives and property of the people we serve, to reducing the fear of crime, and enhancing public safety while working with the diverse communities to improve quality of life.

The Department is pleased that the Mayor shares in the Department’s committed goal of institutionalizing community policing/government throughout the Department; expanding the responsibility of community policing beyond that of senior lead officers and making it the responsibility of every member of the organization.

The Department supports the Mayor’s recommendations to require SLOs to work schedules that are responsive to the needs of the community; a seven day week coverage which the Department deems necessary. Additionally, SLOs will continue to be a significant resource for crime prevention and quality of life strategies, for individual communities as well as training other police officers. The sharing of their expertise and inclusion of other less tenured officers remains critical to the success of the institutionalization of community policing. It is important to note that the SLOs will continue to be involved in the overall "field deployment" and in coordinating functions involving their respective basic cars, assigned officers and community activities.

Additionally, they will continue to attend roll calls in an effort to further ensure that they remain connected to their basic car.

Chief Bernard Parks stated, "The number one priority of the Los Angeles Police Department is to provide the highest level of service to the people of the Los Angeles community. The driving philosophy to providing this service is community based policing/government which includes territorial imperative, partnerships, problem solving and total institutionalization. To that end, I will ensure full cooperation by every member of this Department to engage in efforts to accomplish our commitment to the Los Angeles community."

For further information regarding this press release, contact Media Relations Section at 213-485-3586.

This press release was prepared by Lieutenant Horace E. Frank, Officer-in-Charge, Media Relations Section.