Los Angeles Police Department Wilshire Detective Division Volunteer/Internship Model NR16182aj

July 6, 2016

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Police Department’s Wilshire Detective Division is proud to announce an innovative model for the volunteer/internship program, which directly engages community members and college students as part of the Department’s strategic plan towards reducing crime and improving Community trust and collaboration.

The model has proven extremely effective resulting in 43 current participating interns/volunteers and over 40 new applicants due to a model design, which engages participants completely within the policing process.

The model enhances community outreach, engages mentorship to local students as well as community members, provides assistance in the administrative duties of detectives, and creates a self-sustaining volunteer corps at the Wilshire Division. The program also engages college students in basic crime analysis, academic-level COMPSTAT analysis, service outreach, and administrative assistance to detectives to improve police response to the community. Interns and volunteers learn current local community crime trends, the crime reduction analytical process and methods utilized to address crime problems in their own communities.

The following schools are represented in the program: Cal State Los Angeles, Cal State Long Beach, Cal State Dominguez Hills, University of California Irvine, Mount Saint Mary’s University, among other institutions of learning.

An informal interview with each intern or volunteer identifies their individual interests related to problems facing our communities and focuses the participant along their interests. Once the student fulfills their internship requirements through the respective college, the Wilshire Division offers the student an opportunity to remain with the program as a volunteer, with a significant ratio of interns returning as volunteers.

For more information, please contact Wilshire Detectives, Lieutenant II Julius Guay at 213-922-8205.