Los Angeles Police Foundation Provides Officers with Latest Technology

August 7, 2002

"Los Angeles Police Foundation Provides Officers with Latest Technology"
Los Angeles Police Foundation Press Conference
Wednesday, August 14, 2002, at 10:00 a.m.
Parker Center (In Front), 150 North Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, 90012
Los Angeles Police Chief Martin H. Pomeroy Member of the Los Angeles Police Foundation
Los Angeles: In response to the recent high profile cases of child abduction and America’s focus on national security issues, the Los Angeles Police Foundation has answered the call to provide LAPD officers with the latest technology, safety equipment and financial resources required for today’s ever-changing environment.
The following programs and equipment funded by Los Angeles Police Foundation grants will be displayed and may be demonstrated at the press conference:

Biometric Identification System: Because time is of the essence when searching for an abducted child or missing person, the Foundation has provided the Department with Biometric Identification Systems. These portable computers digitally collect photos, fingerprints and vital information to assist law enforcement agencies with immediate identification, ultimately expediting the search.

Bomb Blankets, Bomb Detection X-ray Equipment, Bomb Detection Mirrors, Fiber Optic Reel Assembly for the Bomb Robot: The LAPD Explosives Section personnel respond to several hundred calls each year, involving suspected explosive devises, and spend countless hours ensuring the safety of our City. The Foundation has provided the Department additional tools to enhance the effectiveness of the Explosives Unit.

Annual $105,000 Contribution for Youth Programs: Recently the Los Angeles Police Foundation made their annual contribution of $105,000 to Juvenile Division and Transit Group for youth related programs. Ten thousand dollars for the Explorer Program, and $5,000 to each of the 18 Area Community Relations Offices.

"Hot Dog" K-9 Temperature System: Alerts K-9 officers when the inside of their vehicle nears dangerous temperatures for their K-9 partners.
Since the Foundation’s inception, the LAPD has been the beneficiary of more than $580,000 for urgently needed projects and equipment that have not been provided for through the City budgetary process.
For additional information, please call Lieutenant Ann Barrera, Public Affairs Section at 213-485-3281 or Karen Wagener, Police Foundation President at 213-741-4550.