Los Angeles Police Officers Receive State of California Award for Ethics and Courage

May 11, 2001

"Los Angeles Police Officers Receive State of California’s
Award for Ethics and Courage"
Los Angeles – In 1999, Detectives William Reiner and Michael Margolis along with Officer Scott Padin were assigned to the Los Angeles Police Department’s Narcotics Division working street level narcotic enforcement in the Harbor Area of Los Angeles. Over a period of time, the above officers noticed that their supervisor exhibited an unusual interest in investigations involving heroin, while showing significantly less enthusiasm for other types of cases. They also noted that the supervisor typically stood by and monitored during enforcement situations but tended to become involved in searching the suspected heroin locations. A series of seemingly insignificant incidents over several months led the officers to fear that their leader may be involved in illegal and self-destructive behavior.
In July 1999, the officers showing great courage and integrity brought their concerns to the attention of their command staff, despite the fact that the supervisor worked closely with Narcotics Division Command Officers and was considered to be an important member of the management team. A confidential investigation was initiated which lasted for over two months. During that entire time, the above named officers worked closely with Internal Affairs Division investigators while continuing to maintain a "normal" working relationship with the supervisor. In September 1999, all three officers assisted investigators with a sting operation, which ultimately led to the arrest of the supervisor for the theft and possession of heroin.
Detectives Reiner and Margolis and Officer Padin displayed an absolute commitment and loyalty to their chosen profession during an incredibly stressful situation. Their courage and integrity will be formally recognized on Wednesday, May 23, 2001 from 12:00 noon to 1:30 p.m. at the Coronado Island Marriot Resort in San Diego, there they will receive the California’s Peace Officers’ Association’s Award of Ethical Courage.
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This press release was prepared by Officer Hayley Purece, Media Relations Section.