Los Angeles Super Bowl Preparedness NR22025ml

January 31, 2022

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Police Department is fully prepared to meet the public safety needs for this weekend’s NFL conference final as well as the upcoming NFL Week activities and Super Bowl LVI. LAPD has bolstered deployments across the entire city with hundreds of additional officers in uniform as well as specialized assignments. These added staffing resources will ensure our community remains safe while deterring any celebratory unruly conduct or other disruptions.

This statement is being made following recent media reports raising questions whether the Department has the ability to meet the staffing needs for this weekend’s NFL conference final as well as the quickly approaching NFL Week and Super Bowl.

While earlier this month the Department experienced a significant growth of COVID cases resulting in more than 1,300 of its members being off work, the vast majority have returned, and the number of new cases has dropped significantly. The Department also has additional contingency plans for all types of disasters, planned and unplanned events requiring additional police personnel. Our ability to realign operations and significantly surge in size to meet critical public safety needs is well established and has been a point of significant focus in preparation for the upcoming Super Bowl LVI.

We currently have ample personnel to address public safety needs through the NFL conference final, NFL week and Super Bowl LVI. The Department has been working in preparation for the upcoming NFL related events for more than a year. Staffing plans have been implemented to ensure a strong highly visible presence not only at NFL venues, but throughout other locations within the city. The department staffing levels are set up to ensure that we can manage both our daily public safety needs as well as the additional resources to be highly visible at Superbowl venues and other locations.

Patrol specialized, and support resources will be on hand to ensure the safety of Los Angeles. Additionally, the Department is working closely with all its public safety partners in the Los Angeles region as well as our State and Federal law enforcement agencies in a highly coordinated manner to address planned as well as other various contingencies. We at the LAPD would like all Angelenos to know we are prepared and will continue to protect and to serve.