Man arrested after altercation with police – NRF043-21ti

July 29, 2021

Los Angeles: On July 28, 2021, approximately 2:50 a.m., officers from the Los Angeles Police Department’s (LAPD) Topanga Division responded to a radio call of a domestic dispute in the 22000 block of Mariano Street. Officers made contact with a male, later identified as 21-year old Jaxson Hayes, in the front yard of a residence. It was later determined that Hayes is professional basketball player for the National Basketball Association. Officers informed Hayes they received a call at the location and needed to speak with the victim, but requested Hayes remain outside while they did so.

Body Worn Video (BWV) captured Hayes repeatedly attempting to enter the residence, despite officers blocking his path and verbal commands for him to remain outside. Officers requested a back-up and they attempted to place Hayes’ hands behind his back; however, Hayes broke free of the officers’ grasp and pushed one of the officers into a wall.

Officers utilized physical force to take Hayes down to the ground to overcome his resistance. Once on the ground, Hayes attempted to get up and continued resisting officers. Officers utilized two deployments of the taser, as well as bodyweight and physical force during the altercation, which lasted for approximately two and a half minutes, before officers were able to handcuff Hayes.

Hayes was arrested for California Penal Code section 69, Resisting Arrest. He received medical treatment at a local hospital for injuries sustained during the altercation and was medically cleared for booking at Van Nuys Jail, under Booking No. 6221998.

One officer sustained an injury requiring medical treatment. He was treated at a local hospital and later released. There was a female at the location who declined to cooperate with officers’ investigation into the original domestic dispute call.

As with all Department use of force, the incident was investigated by an uninvolved Department supervisor. During the investigation, it was requested that Force Investigation Division (FID) assess the incident due to the possibility of force being applied to Hayes’ neck during the use of force. Force Investigation Division reviewed the BWV of the incident, and after consultation with the Office of the Inspector General, it was determined FID would assume investigative responsibility for the use of force case.