Man Arrested at City Council Meeting NR23116km

May 8, 2023

Los Angeles: On May 5, 2023, the Los Angeles City Council held a regular meeting beginning at about 10:10am. Only five minutes later, a group in attendance were warned for being disruptive during the meeting by Council President Krekorian. A second warning was given, then an individual, later identified as Samson Tefolo, continuing to be disruptive was identified by a Security Services Division Sergeant and ejected from Council Chambers upon direction from Council President Krekorian. The individual refused to leave Council Chambers, and was advised he would be placed under arrest if he continued to be disruptive. Tefolo and other members of the disruptive group began to walk out of the Council Chambers, when the last of the group exited, Security Services Division personnel attempted to close the doors behind them. Tefolo shoved the door closed from the other side, injuring a Security Services Sergeant.

Tefolo was placed under arrest for Battery on a Police Officer and Disturbing a Public Meeting. Los Angeles Fire Department personnel responded and treated the Sergeant for his injuries. The injuries did not require being transported.

During the booking process, it was discovered that Tefolo was in possession of what appeared to be a pink comb, however when the handle was pulled from the head of the comb, a dagger was revealed.