Man Arrested for Criminal Threats NR23016ll

February 1, 2023

February 2, 2023


On January 31, 2023, in the 1500 block of Gordon Street, Braxton Johnson was arrested for criminal threats by Hollywood patrol officers after neighbors claimed he threatened them with physical harm.

A search warrant of his apartment was conducted which resulted in the seizure of 3 rifles, a shotgun and 3 semi-automatic pistols. Detectives are investigating the possession of the firearms and their legality in the state of California.

At this point of the investigation, there are no indications that any persons were threatened with a firearm nor have we identified any intent by Johnson to plan a mass shooting incident. We are working with our Federal partners to exhaust all investigative leads and believe there is no threat to the public. We are also in communication with Johnson’s family to provide any support services needed.

Hollywood: On the morning of January 31, 2023, Hollywood patrol officers responded to a possible male with mental illness call. During the course of their investigation, it was determined the elements of Criminal Threats had been met. With the assistance of Hollywood Detectives, search and arrest warrants were obtained. During the execution of a search warrant, several high-powered rifles, shotguns, handguns and a large cache of various munitions were recovered.

Evidence at the scene lead to the arrest of, 24-year-old Braxton Johnson, a resident of Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office is reviewing this case for filing