Man Arrested For Possession of PCP on Plane, Causing Delay of Flight

February 9, 2000

Wednesday, February 9, 2000

Westchester: On Wednesday, February 9, 2000, at approximately 1:15 a.m., units from the Los Angeles Police Department Airport Detail and Department of Airports Police Department responded to a call from American Airlines at LAX. An aircraft had just left the gate and was taxing for takeoff when airline personnel reported that they had a disturbance on board the aircraft. It was also reported that a strong chemical odor was present in the aircraft. As a result, the aircraft returned to its original gate.

While the aircraft was returning to the gate, an individual identified as Ryan Redd, a Male, Black, 25 years old from Dallas, Texas, was seen by passengers dumping an unknown type liquid into his seat. The liquid emitted a strong chemical odor, which was immediately detected by other passengers and crew.

When the aircraft arrived at the gate, the suspect attempted to leave the plane, but was detained by airline employees without incident.

The Los Angeles Fire Department Hazardous Material Unit, Los Angeles Police Department, Clandestine Lab Team, Narcotics Division and the Los Angeles County Health Department responded to the scene. The substance is believed to be a drug called Phencyclidine or PCP.

As a result of the contamination, six people were transported to Centinela Hospital where they were treated and released.

The suspect has been arrested for 11379.5 H&S, (Possession, Transportation and Sales of PCP). The investigation is being handled by the LAPD.

For further inquiries, please call the LAPD Media Relations at 213-485-3586.

For Release 9:30 am PST
February 9, 2000