Man Dies in Ambulance Following Assault on Firefighter

June 27, 2006

Los Angeles: A man died as he was transported by ambulance to a local hospital, after assaulting a firefighter attempting to provide him emergency medical treatment.

On Sunday, June 18, 2006, around 4:05 p.m., employees of the Furst Motel, located at 5711 South Figueroa Street, in the Exposition Park area of Los Angeles, called 911 when they found a man lying semi-conscious in his room. The man was bleeding from the mouth and face. When paramedics arrived, they found an Hispanic man (John Doe) on the bed. As Fire Department personnel attempted to render aid, the man assaulted them, kicking and striking one paramedic in the head and chest.

The Fire Department requested back up and LAPD officers from 77th Area Station responded. When police entered the room, they saw the man fighting the firefighters. As the officers and firefighters moved the man to the parking lot, he remained combative, striking and spitting on them. Firefighters applied a spit mask over the man’s face, while officers placed him on the ground to control his violent movements. The man was then taken by ambulance to California Hospital. On the way to the hospital he developed medical complications and failed to respond to treatment. He died in the ambulance.

One firefighter was treated for a contusion to the head and a kick wound to the upper chest. No police officers were injured.

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