Man found Dead inside a Residence after Shooting an Officer NR11148rh

April 6, 2011

Los Angeles:  Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), officers, became involved in an officer involved shooting early Monday morning after a suspect opened fire on an officer.  

On April 4, 2011, at around 3 a.m., Metropolitan K-9 Police Officer III Steven Jenkins, 21 years and 11 months with the Department was in the 13600 block of Dronfield Avenue involved in a search for a domestic violence suspect.  As Jenkins entered the residence, a suspect later identified as 53-year-old Sergio Salazar of Sylmar, opened fire on Jenkins critically wounding him.  

Jenkins was taken to safety by other police personnel and immediately transported to a local hospital by Los Angeles Fire Department personnel who had been on scene treating the victim of the domestic violence.  The location was contained and SWAT personnel responded to the barricaded suspect.  

Over the course of several hours, attempts were made to have Salazar submit to arrest without success.  Salazar at several points opened fire on SWAT personnel resulting in several officer involved shootings.  A long protracted effort to contact and locate Salazar within the residence commenced.  After several additional hours, Salazar was observed down inside the residence through the use of remote controlled optical equipment.  SWAT personnel made entry and discovered Salazar dead from apparent gunshot wounds.  Two rifles were recovered from the immediate vicinity of Salazar including the weapon believed to have been used against Officer Jenkins.

Robbery Homicide Division personnel responded and investigated the initial crimes of domestic violence and the attempt murder of a Police Officer.  Force Investigation Division personnel are investigating the officer involved shootings and the crimes committed against the SWAT personnel.  Due to the long protracted nature of the incident the crime scene will be held for several days as the investigation continues.

Officer Jenkins is expected to recover from his wounds.

The officers who fired their weapons in the incident have been identified as follows:


 Enrique Anzaldo
 Police Officer III
 23 years, 9 months

Canaan Bodell

 Police Officer III

12 years, 11 months

Joseph Goosby

 Police Officer III
12 years, 4 months

Neil Coward

 Police Officer III
 23 years, 10 months

James Brown

 Police Officer III

 16 years, 4 months

Nelson Fong  

 Police Officer III
 19 years, 5 months

Steven Gordon

 Police Officer III
 22 years, 5 months

Mario Rios  

 Police Officer III
 15 years, 7 months

Louis Reyes

 Police Officer III
 24 years, 9 months

Jeniffer Grasso    

 Police Officer III
 15 years, 6 months

Jonathan Darrah  

 Police Officer III

 21 years, 4 months

Gary Koba    

 Police Officer III
 21 years, 5 months

Michael Messenger

 Police Officer III

 17 years, 11 months

James Williams

 Police Officer III
 20 years, 5 months

David Corbet

 Police Officer III
 16 years, 4 months