Man Injured during Struggle with Officers

October 22, 2007

Los Angeles: Three gang members arrested for Possession of Marijuana for Sales in South Los Angeles.

On October 5, 2007, Gang Enforcement Detail (GED) officers were patrolling the area of 105th Street and Compton Avenue, near the Hacienda Village Housing Development.

The GED officers saw numerous males and females dressed in red clothing associated with Blood gang members, standing in front of a duplex at the 1500 block of East 105th Street.

Johnny Williams, 43, made eye contact with the approaching officers and ran down the driveway and into the rear unit while holding a noticeable bulge in his jacket pocket.

The officers went to the front and rear of the building, as pieces of bricked marijuana were thrown out a window, accompanied by the sound of a toilet being repeatedly flushed.

Williams exited a rear door, and was taken into custody by officers following a brief struggle.

Anthony Tucker, 39, and Dwaylon Martin, 36, were detained inside the location, together with more than three pounds of marijuana and a pellet gun.

Williams sustained a laceration to his left ear and was taken to a local hospital. Five hours after his arrival, medical staff advised he would be hospitalized pending a MRI for a possible neck fracture.

Officer Zarren Thompson, Officer Brian Collins, and Officer Richard Reyburn are the officers who took Williams into custody.

Force Investigation Division personnel responded and are investigating the Law Enforcement Related Injury.

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