Man Injured in Jump from 2nd Story Balcony

September 25, 2007

Los Angeles: Early Saturday morning a man was injured in a jump from a motel second-story balcony in Van Nuys.

On September 22, 2007, around 4:30 a.m., officers responded to a Woman Screaming radio call at the Days Inn Motel in the 12900 block of Ventura Bouelvard.

When police arrived they found a woman inside Room 207 with Derrick Brown, 35, who was suffering from a wound to his upper left arm and bleeding profusely.

In fear for the woman’s safety, the officers requested that she leave the room. She complied. Brown was speaking incoherently and acting erratically. While awaiting the arrival of an ambulance, the officers attempted to calm him.

As police tried to contain Brown in the room he exited the front door onto the second floor balcony. The officers continued their efforts to sooth the suspect and advised him to apply pressure to his wound to stop the bleeding. The suspect stood and began to position himself to jump the railing onto the concrete below.

To prevent the suspect from injuring himself in a fall, Officer J. Knopp fired a taser at the suspect. The taser had no effect. Brown jumped headfirst over the railing, falling to the pavement below.

Paramedics rushed the suspect to Sherman Oaks Hospital where he was treated for head injuries sustained in the fall and a laceration to his upper left arm.

No officer was injured.

Force Investigation Division personnel responded and are investigating the Law Enforcement Related Injury.

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