Man Kills 13-Year-old Boy with Heroin Overdose NR12381rf

August 9, 2012

>div style=”text-align: center; font-style: italic;”>***UPDATE***August 10, 2012

Earlier today, the District Attorney’s Office charged 23-year-old Brett Cronin with murder, furnishing or administering heroin to a minor and child abuse in connection with the heroin injection death of a 13-year-old boy. Topanga Homicide Detectives have determined that Cronin purchased heroin and injected himself, then injected his younger brother’s 13-year-old friend at a sleepover.  


Topanga Area Detectives have released a photograph of the suspect and it is attached below.  Detectives said the victim went to his 13-year-old friend’s house to spend the night; Cronin is the older brother of the friend.  It appears the victim voluntarily injected the heroin but had a life threatening reaction.  By the time paramedics were called, the victim’s reaction proved to be fatal.  The exact cause of death will be determined by the Los Angeles County Coroner.