Man Shot to Death inside a Local Market

June 12, 2007

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the shooting death of a young man inside a local market in South Los Angeles.

On Monday afternoon, June 11, 2007, at about 2:30 PM, the victim, Ruben Garcia Castillo, 17, walked into the "Normandie Ranch Market", located at the 5300 block of South Normandie Avenue.

As the victim approached behind the counter area he apparently startled the employee, who was counting money. The suspect/employee, Soloman Berhane, 38, armed himself with a gun and fired one shot into the victim’s torso. The victim fell to the floor and the suspect rendered aid, calling "911". The suspect reported that he was frightened and accidentally shot the victim.

The firearm used in this incident was recovered and booked as evidence.

The suspect was booked for Manslaughter.

Anyone with information may contact South Bureau Homicide Detectives Refugio Garza, and Young Mun, at 213-485-1383 during normal business hours. After hours and on weekends, phone the 24-hour toll free Detective Information Desk at 1-877-LAW-FULL (529-3855).