Martin Luther King Jr. Annual Breakfast Celebration NR12021rf

January 16, 2012

Los Angeles: This morning, the University of Southern California in conjunction with the Los Angeles Police Foundation and community supporters hosted the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Annual Breakfast to celebrate the life, legacy and vision of the famed civil rights leader.  The event also venerated the development of a transformative partnership between the LAPD and the diverse communities it serves.

The LAPD has made it a top priority to maintain public confidence in the Department by establishing transparency, creating open lines of communication and perpetuating a constant dialogue with all of the City’s communities.  The Department believes that goal is reflective of the dreams and legacy of Dr. King, whose accomplishments were honored and celebrated at the breakfast.
Community policing is an evolving process requiring constant nurturing, communication, and partnership.  Today, Chief Beck had the opportunity to acknowledge what he believes is an engaging and positive relationship between the LAPD and the City’s African American community.Â

“I truly believe this evolving relationship is built on trust and respect as opposed to a history of mistrust, discord and strained relationships,†said Chief Beck. “As the new year commences, my goal is that we will continue to work together to make our City a better place for all people and especially future generations.â€

In the words of Martin Luther King Jr.: “Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability but comes through continuous struggle…â€