May Day 2007 Investigation Update

July 8, 2008

This morning, during a scheduled update into the investigation of actions by Los Angeles
police officers during the May 1, 2007 May Day rally in MacArthur Park; the Department reported to members of the Board of Police Commissioners, allegations of misconduct were sustained against 17 police officers and two sergeants.

A panel made up of members of the LAPD Command Staff reviewed the findings of the comprehensive investigation and prepared recommendations for discipline. Each officer was served on June 26, 2008, by their individual commanding officer, with the adjudication panel’s findings. The officer’s will have 30-days to respond to the proposed discipline, known as a Skelly response.

It is anticipated Police Chief William Bratton will review the findings of the investigation and the officer’s Skelly responses in early August. Once he has completed his review, the Chief will make the final decision on discipline for the 17 officers and two sergeants.

The officers and sergeants have the option to take their case to a Board of Rights (BOR), if they do not accept the proposed discipline. A BOR is made up of two LAPD Command Officers and a Civilian Hearing Examiner. Their findings are then forwarded to the Chief of Police for final adjudication.

State law precludes the Los Angeles Police Department from disclosing specific allegations or findings of a confidential personnel investigation, including the names of the involved officers.