Mayor Hahn Presents Flexible Work Schedule Plan to the Los Angeles Police Commission

September 18, 2001

Los Angeles – Today, Mayor James Hahn presented to the members of the Los Angeles Police Commission his plan to implement a compressed work schedule for the sworn personnel of the Los Angeles Police Department. The proposal outlines ways in which officers can work longer hours in each day, yet fewer days in the week.
Police Commission President Rick J. Caruso stated that he believes he can support the Mayor’s proposal and that it is a viable option. President Caruso indicated that improving recruitment, retention and officer morale are his highest priorities and today are major problems on the police department. A flexible work schedule is a major step in implementing improvement. "I am very impressed with the work and effort that the Mayor’s Office has devoted to this proposal. Although it may need some refinement, it will be my recommendation to approve this plan. Ultimately, our officers and, in turn, the citizens of Los Angeles will benefit from this action."
In the following week, the Commission, in conjunction with Chief Bernard Parks and the Mayor’s Office, will study the details of implementing the plan. The Commission will vote on the Mayor’s proposal at its next meeting.
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