Media logistics for Officer Simmons Memorial Services

February 14, 2008

Officer Randal Simmons’ Funeral Services

February 15, 2008
11:00 a.m.

Crenshaw Christian Center – Faith Dome
7901 South Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90044

Planning and Logistics for Media Coverage

Follow-up to News Advisory dated February 13, 2008


Access to live feeds will be provided through two means. The Crenshaw Christian Center – Faith Dome will provide a live feed for television coverage of Officer Simmons’ funeral services. Fox-11 News will provide the live feed for members of the media located in the pre-designated media area for coverage of the exterior.

Radio Television and News Association indicates the transmission will be feed out of the Hollywood Area pool, Fox-11 News will forward follow-up information through an advisory.

Additionally, LAPDOnline web-site will provide a streaming link of Officer Simmons’ funeral courtesy of the Crenshaw Christian Center Faith Dome.

Due to security concerns, parking is very limited, therefore, only those news organizations who have confirmed with Media Relations Section of their plans to carry the services live will be allowed access to parking. Otherwise, parking is on a “first come – first serve bases,” with over-flow media traffic being redirected onto Vermont Avenue in front of the facility. MRS personnel will be on location at 4:00 a.m. to facilitate the parking plan and answer any questions.