Mid Year Status on Part I Crime and Gang Crime

July 2, 2008

Los Angeles: Today Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa joined Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton at a Hollenbeck Area Community Center to announce a Mid-Year status on crime in the City of Los Angeles.
"The declining rate of both Part I Crime and Gang Related Crime shows great promise for the remainder of 2008,"Chief Bratton said. "To achieve these types of results you need an active community, supportive city leadership, partnerships with City, State and Federal officials, and a dedicated and committed Police Department."
"These crime statistics paint a picture of progress for our communities – and our police force is working every day to put the final touches on a masterpiece of safety and security for all of LA’s residents," said Mayor Villaraigosa. "The brave men and women of the LAPD are bringingour most violent criminals to justice, and we must continue to give them the resources to cut down on crime and protect neighborhoods throughout LA."
Los Angeles Police Commission President Anthony Pacheco stated "These statistics demonstrate the outstanding work by the men and women of the Los Angeles Police Department under Chief Bratton’s leadership. Moreover, the strong support of our Mayor, other City leaders, andCommunity members to public safety is greatly paying dividends in decreasing crime rates in Los Angeles."

For the first six-months of 2008 Part I crime showed decreases in all but one category. As of this morning Homicides increased by 3.19%; Rape decreased 11.3%; Robbery decreased 8.6%; Aggravated Assaults dropped 5.7%; Burglary dipped 5.0%; Car Burglary dropped 6.9%; Personal and other Theft decreased 6.1%; and Auto Theft dropped 8.2%.
Victims of shootings also declined in the first half of 2008. Year to date, 826 persons were shot, 144 fewer shooting victims, a decrease of 14.8% In addition, the LAPD has responded to 1,719 Shots Fired Investigations, a decrease of 27%, 635 fewer.
A decrease of 14.6 percent was also achieved in Gang Related Crime, with 555 fewer victims. Gang Related Homicides decreased 13.5%, 15 fewer victims; and, Aggravated Assault decreased 15.6%, 257 fewer victims. Declines in Gang Violence was seen across the City; Central Bureau decreased by 9.25%; South Bureau decreased 14.9%, Valley Bureau decreased 19.4%, and West Bureau decreased by 24.3%.
Chief Bratton also provided an update on the Department’s Gang Initiatives. Earlier this year the capture of the 6th suspect on the Department’s most wanted gang member list was announced. Today, Gang and Operations Support Division Detectives recently learned the 7th suspect, Oscar Enriques Flores who is wanted for a November 10, 1984 murder, is currently living in Mexico.
Due to Mexico Statute of Limitation Law, Mexican Authorities cannot grant extradition. However, if Flores returns to the United States he can be arrested for the murder charge.
Replacing Flores on the most wanted Gang Member List is triple murder suspect Jose Luis Saenz. He is a reputed Cuatro Flats Gang Member, in the Hollenbeck Area. On July 25, 1998, Saenz kidnapped, raped and murdered his girlfriend to silence her regarding his involvement in another Double Murder.
A Crime Statistics Overview is attached, for additional information please contact Media Relations Section at 213-485-1749.