Midnight Stroll LGBTQ+ Community Outreach – NA21015jc

March 19, 2021

MacArthur Park “Midnight Stroll” Community Outreach

Friday, March 19, 2021
5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

MacArthur Park 2230 West 6th Street (concentrated efforts on the Southwest corner of S Alvarado Street and Wilshire Boulevard) Los Angeles, CA 90057

Public Engagement Section in collaboration with the Los Angeles Transgender Advisory Council (TAC) are conducting an LGBTQ+ community outreach, referred to as the “Midnight Stroll.” This is usually a midnight outreach that takes place in different parts of the city focusing on people that are experiencing homelessness and are also Transgender. Due to a recent attempt murder hate crime of a transgender woman in MacArthur Park involving gang members, we are modifying the outreach time and attempting to bring awareness to safety concerns, lighting issues, and Transgender visibility week. Supplies will be handed out to those in need and HIV testing will also be available.

Organizations involved: APAIT, TAC, and Los Angeles Police Department’s Public Engagement section, Rampart Division.

Contact Person: Senior Lead Officer Julie Nony (213) 364-1890

For further information, please contact LAPD Media Relations at 213-486-5910.