Midnight Yell at UCLA Turns Into Kaos

December 17, 1999

Friday, December 17, 1999
On December 16, 1999, at approximately 11:00 PM, West Los Angeles Area Community Police Station police officers were assigned to monitor the 500 block of Glenrock Avenue in the wake of violence on the two preceding nights during the "Midnight Yell" activities near the UCLA Campus. Earlier in the day, West Los Angeles Area Commanding Officer, Captain Michael Hillmann, received information following a press conference, that more violence, including civil disobedience and assaults on police could be expected during the "Midnight Yell." Initial deployment to the area consisted primarily of footbeat officers which was accompanied by an effort to personally contact and inform residents and visitors on the street that the enforcement profile by officers would be dictated by the situation and that a lawful celebration would preclude the use of force.

At approximately 11:45 p.m., several hundred individuals gather in the street in sporadic groups lining the entire block. However, unknown persons began throwing glass bottles containing beer, unknown liquids and eggs from balconies and the tops of buildings. Several incendiary projectiles, including flares, were also thrown both at persons in the street and directly at officers that were present. Others began breaking limbs from nearby trees and used them along with newspapers to set fires in several different areas along Glenrock Avenue. Others set fire to a sofa.

Given the escalating danger to the safety and welfare of lawfully assembled persons, at approximately, 12:30 a.m., this morning, Captain Hillmann, the Incident Commander, gave a dispersal order to the crowd from Ophir Drive and Glenrock Avenue. For approximately the next hour, officers then cleared the area of individuals who refused to leave, continuously receiving verbal assaults and projectiles.

As a result of the violent behavior of many individuals refusing to comply with the lawful order to disperse, approximately 30 to 40 individuals were detained and 11 were arrested: (9) for failure to disperse (409 P.C.); (1) for disturbing the peace (415 P.C.) and one for attempted Arson which the Los Angeles Fire Department is investigating.

In total, approximately 80 Los Angeles Police Department police officers from the West Los Angeles Police Station and neighboring stations eventually responded to the area to assist with the dispersal order and to keep the peace. Preliminary review has revealed that no serious injury to civilians or police officers occurred during the incident.

For more information, please contact Media Relations Section at 213-485-3586.

For Release 4:10 pm PST
December 17, 1999