Military Exercises to be Conducted in the Downtown Area NR12040kr

January 23, 2012

Los Angeles:   Multi-agency tactical exercises are to be conducted during evening hours around the downtown area January 22-26, 2012.

The Los Angeles Police Department will be providing support for a joint military training exercise in and around the great Los Angeles area.  This will be routine training conducted by military personnel, designed to ensure the military’s ability to operate in urban environments, prepare forces for upcoming overseas deployments, and meet mandatory training certification requirements.

This training has been coordinated with local authorities and owners of the training sites.  The training sites have been carefully selected to ensure the event does not negatively impact the citizens of Los Angeles and their daily routines.  

Lastly, safety precautions have been taken to prevent risk to the general public and the military personnel involved. 

As such, this training is not open to the public.