Most Dangerous Streets

February 5, 2004

Who: Deputy Chief Ronald Bergmann, Commanding Officer, Valley Bureau, Captain Greg Meyer, Commanding Officer, Valley Traffic Division and Valley Traffic Detectives
What: News Conference
When: Thursday, February 5, 2004, at 4:00 p.m.
Where: Valley Traffic Division, 6240 Sylmar Avenue, Van Nuys

Los Angeles: In 2003, the San Fernando Valley lost 93 people in 87 traffic collisions.
Valley Traffic Division, has published its 20 most dangerous streets for the last three years. Motorists and pedestrians were either severely injured or killed as a result of being involved in traffic collisions.
One of the most dangerous streets during the past three years has been Victory Boulevard. Earlier this week, a driver who was suspected of speeding, running a red light and being under the influence of alcohol, killed three people, including a two-year old girl who was properly secured in a child safety seat.
Also earlier this week, at the intersection of Telfair Avenue and Sheldon Avenue, two people lost their lives when a stolen SUV was speeding through the intersection.
During the press conference, the surviving family members of the tragedy that occurred on Victory Boulevard and Haskell Avenue will be present, as well as photographs of the victims.
Also to be discussed, will be strategies to combat traffic issues in the San Fernando Valley and specific statistics of injuries and fatalities.
This news advisory was prepared by Public Information Officer Sara Faden,
Media Relations Section, at 213-485-3586.